10/10/2012Dr. Yang changed my life; with her kindness, sensitivity and enlightened commitment to healing people she made me pain free and confident that I will never need surgery.

When I first went to Dr. Yang’s office I was very scared as I am extremely “needle-phobic”, but my pain was so intense and permanent that I accepted the advice from my friend who had been treated by Dr. Yang for a sciatica pain and was relieved in a single treatment.

My condition was much more severe than my friend’s. I had an accident that damaged my right hip so critically that the orthopedist affirmed I would need a full hip replacement of the right hip and later of the left hip as well, the right hip damage included marrow edema, sclerosis of the femoral head suspicious for osteonecrosis (bone necrosis), diffuse articular cartilage loss throughout the femoroacetabular joint, in popular terms I have bone touching bone in the right hip; the left hip had similar damage except for the necrosis of the femoral head.

Dr. Yang recommended 3 treatments per week for the first 2 weeks and advised that I should begin to feel relief in 6 treatments. I felt a big relief right after the first treatment! That was very helpful to overcome the fear of the needles and go back for the nest session. After 6 treatments my pain level, which before my first acupuncture treatment was level 9 to 10 on the right hip and 4 to 5 on the left hip, went down to level 1 and 0 respectively; pain was no longer permanently present, every now and then I would have a little pain. After about 12 acupuncture treatments with Dr. Yang, I left her office believing I will be able to postpone hip replacement surgery forever.

After my treatment with Dr. Yang in July and August of 2012, I moved from New Jersey to Kansas, it was a 2 day on the road on a small hatch-back Nissan, and I have been without treatments for over a month now. Thanks to Dr. Yang’s work I am still pain free and confident that I will remain so! Thanks a million Dr. Yang! though no words can really express how grateful I am to you!

Kindest regards,

Cecilia DeFalco

April 23, 2012
My wife and I have been receiving acupuncture and herbal therapy from Dr. Yang for the past ten years, both for general health maintenance and for various conditions that have occurred from time to time such as back and neck pain, muscle and tendon inflammation, cold, sore throat, and fever symptoms, and elevated blood pressure. When my wife underwent bilateral hip replacement surgery, Dr. Yang followed her progress and assisted her with pain management, and helped promote proper healing of the affected tissue. Dr. Yang is a caring and highly competent health care provider, and we consider ourselves fortunate to be under her care.Elizabeth Kim and Cullen Mcvoy

August 11, 2011
Dear Dr. Yang: although this note is very overdue, I wanted to say `thank you` for helping me to conceive both of my children.

You took incredible care of me and kept me relaxed and healthy through both pre-conception times and pregnancies for that, I am most appreciative. I could not have survived the stressful process without you and your knowledge and compassion.

I have told many women to try acupuncture when having trouble conceiving. I am convinced that I had two healthy pregnancies because of it. I have enclosed pictures of both boys you have helped bring into this world. May you continue to succeed in healing your patients and helping women have healthy babies, with sincere gratitude and warmest appreciation.

Stacey M

March 2012
Dr. Yang is one of the most knowledgeable, caring, patient doctors that I have meet. Before coming to Dr. Yang I was known as the PT Queen. I was in out of PT for 10 years, suffering with arthritis in the knees, shoulder and back. My sciatic was unbearable at times. I also had severe anxiety. My sessions with PT would last for about 3 months and then I would have a break and before I knew it something else with the arthritis would send me back to PT for another 3-4 months.About 2 years ago my friend had recommended acupuncture. I wasn’t crazy about being stuck with needles. My sciatic was excruciating at the time. I was ready to try anything. Dr. Yang was so calming and reassuring I was ready to give it a try.

To my amazement, within 2 weeks of going 2 times a week, my sciatic was gone. It was unbelievable. It was a far cry from 2-4 months in PT. She has helped me with my knees, shoulders, recovering from radiation, acid reflux, ankle problems, eye pressure and anxiety. The list would go on forever. I know go once a week for maintenance or for a specific issue. I don’t know what I would do without her. My arthritis is bad but Dr. Yang keeps my balanced and when something in off she fixes it.

I am firm believer in the benefits and success of acupuncture. I am a prime example of its success. I wouldn’t thank Dr. Yang enough. I would recommend her to everyone.

Janice Stewart

June 3, 2012
Dr. Yang: after 3 sessions with you, I am 100% PAIN-FREE and very grateful for your caring and expertise. I will be back if the pain returns and will recommend you very hightly of others. I cannot thank you enough. All the best.Dr. Donna L

May 1, 2012
Dear Dr. Yang: On April 23rd, my husband and I welcomed our new baby girl into the world. I wanted to let you know because you played such an important role in my carrying her to turn. I cannot thank you enough for all that you did for me- not just the treatments, but your kindness and compassion along the way. My daughter is beautiful and we are so happy to have her in our lives. Thank you, sincerely,
Julie C

March 20, 2012Dear Dr. Yang,

2011 was a long and challenging year for me. It was easier because you were part of my treatment plan. Thank you, so very much!

I was shocked when I was diagnosed with lung cancer in November 2010. I underwent surgery to remove the right upper lobe of my lung. Once I recuperated from the surgery, I began a 16-week course of chemotherapy.

It was recommended to me, at Memorial Sloan Kettering, that I use acupuncture in addition to traditional drugs to suppress any nausea. I began seeing you the day before my treatments. I was thankful my nausea was minimal. Another cancer patient recommended that I try having my acupuncture treatment the day after my chemo treatment. I tried that, and there was NO nausea. I switched my subsequent acupuncture treatments to the day after my chemo and I did not suffer from nausea anymore.

When I completed my 16 weeks of chemo, I stopped seeing you. I started suffering from “chemo brain” and depression. When I realized what was happening to me, I came to you for treatment. I was amazed how fast my “head cleared”. I no longer experienced any mental incapacity. I felt as though a dark cloud had been lifted from me. It was then that I realized, I do not ever want to stop seeing you on a regular basis. When I receive your treatments, I feel well balanced and healthier.

With much gratitude and respect,

Ilene Lasky Klein

March 2, 2012
I visited Dr. Yang after being diagnosed with a torn meniscus in my right knee, and I sought out acupuncture as a path to avoid surgery. After four treatments, I am seeing progress with much pain relief. Most surprising was Dr. Yang’s inquiry into my general state of health. In an interview session with her, I told her of my problems with acid reflux and my need for medication. She began to treat my both problem with acupuncture and diet advice, particularly to abandon coffee drinking. I three short weeks I am happy to say that my symptoms have reduced by 80% and I no longer need the PPI (DEYILANT) that I had been taking for two years. Thank you, Dr. Yang!Greg C